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First Floating Resort

Revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s tourism industry Bolagala Floating Resort consists of 50 floating cabanas designed to meet the expectations of luxury travelers.

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You have an opportunity to be a partner in a venture that is destined to be a turning point in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

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Why You Should Invest?

Why You Should Invest?

Bolagala Floating Resort is located in close proximity to Negombo, which is a key tourist hub in the island. The floating cabanas and suits will attract luxury tourists who wish to have a unique experience in an exceptional way. As this is Sri Lanka’s first ever floating resort it is destined to attract many tourists, and investing in a cabana will be a lucrative plan.

50 Floating Cabanas

50 Floating Cabanas

Bolagala Floating Resort is the first ever floating resort in Sri Lanka. The resort consists of 50 floating cabanas, including 10 GPS tracker equipped cabanas that could freely move around the picturesque lake giving visitors an exceptional experience during their stay.

Talk to our expert

Talk to our experties

Our team of experts, especially dedicated for this project, are available at all times to attend to your queries. You can directly talk to them or drop an email for a prompt reply. We encourage you to use this service freely as you need.

Resort's Features

Floating Cabanas

The resort has 50 floating cabanas that are designed especially to meet the standard of luxury travelers. Ten cabanas are equipped with GPS trackers enabling them to move freely across the lake, in addition to this three are designed as suits.

Under Water SPA

We are proud to announce Bolagala Floating Resort is the sole location in Sri Lanka providing an underwater spa experience. The Underwater Spa operated by well-trained therapists will be available at all times.

Floating Pool

The floating pool is a feature most potential visitors have shown interest in. The 30x45 feet pool is situated in a scenic location absorbing the best of the landscape. The pool will be well maintained according to international standards.

Floating Restaurant

The floating restaurant at the resort is the ideal place to discover great food. You can experience a pleasant meal served by some of the country’s best chefs, at a place overlooking the lake and the greenery surrounding the resort.


Equipped with state of the art fitness equipment our gym will open avenues for unique fitness opportunities. We have to stress that the ambiance at the gym will not just help you be physically fit but also mentally relaxed.

Tennis Court

Making the stay at Bolagala Floating Resort even more joyful, the tennis court will be at our visitor’s disposal. The court can be converted into a helipad when the necessity arises.

Bar and Karaoke Lounge

Our karaoke bar decked with great sound systems to ensure that our visitors do not regret a single second of their time spent. The large collection of songs will aid any music lover to sing their hearts out. They can even take advantage of our rich bar.

Electric Car

The electric car is one of the great features the resort has in store. This car will move around the resort and through a beautiful waterfall giving the guest an exciting experience, while absorbing the best scene Bolagala has in store.

Organic Farm

On our perfect sustainable tourism venture we have introduced organic farming concept where our guests are given the rare opportunity to have hands-on experience of farming in Sri Lanka. This is the first time organic farming concept is put into use in Negombo area.

Why Choose Us ?

Reliable Investment

You can put all your trust in us. Unlike other investment projects, we are also backed by government entities.

Financial Flexibility

You have the opportunity to opt to pay in installments. You can speak to us and discuss different avenues of payment too.

A Worthy Venture

We will deliver a ROI payment that you did not expect was possible. We believe in keeping our customers content to achieve great success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sri Lanka is a fast growing tourism destination not just in the region but across the globe. This project was approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Board and several other government bodies who have also pledged their support in its development. Bolagala Floating Resort is the best and the right place for you to invest.
We have identified that most Sri Lankans, especially those who are employed abroad, do not know the right place to invest their money in in order to get a good Return On Investment (ROI). This is why Bolagala Floating Resort is ideal for investors. They will be entitled for a guaranteed payment every month and their hard earned money that is invested in this project will be multiplied as the resort evolves.
The maximum interest you will receive from a bank for the amount you invest with Bolagala project will be around Rs. 50,000. However, if you invest with Bolagala Floating Resort you will get double the sum and at the same time the rate you are paid will be increased with the increase of the dollar rate. As the resort picks up business, the investors will be benefited even further.
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We are the 1 st Floating Resort in Sri Lanka

Latest News

Renounced cricketer T.M. Dilshan signing off the investment for this project

  • 04 January, 2020

The final signing off of the investment was done by Mr. Dilshan on this day and we are all very much thankful for his support and kind gesture.

RESA Newspaper Article

  • 27 September, 2018

A newspaper article published on the 27th of September 2018 in the ‘RESA’ Newspaper explains in regard to why Mr. Kelum Perera started this resort and his main intentions of this resort along with his first few steps that he took to make this idea possible.

New Developments at Bolagala Floating Resort

  • 20 September, 2018

We have added amazing images of our new developments to the image gallery.

ADA Newspaper Article

  • 19 September, 2018

A newspaper article published on the 19th of September 2018 in the ADA Newspaper in regard to this floating resort built for the 1st time in Sri Lanka. It elaborates an exquisite interview with the director, Mr. Kelum Perera, where he explains how his dreams started and how he slowly developed his ideology into a masterpiece which is a floating resort in Bolagala.

T.M. Dilshan’s Investment

  • 18 September, 2018

T.M. Dilshan has also invested in this project and here is his say on the Bolagala Floating Resort Project.

Daily Mirror newspaper article

  • 11 September, 2018

There was a newspaper article published on the 11th of September 2018 in the daily mirror in regard to this floating resort built for the 1st time in Sri Lanka.

Bolagala Floating Resort opens to investors

  • 25 April, 2018

Potential investors are cautioned that 47 cabanas at the Bolagala Floating Resort, Sri Lanka’s first ever floating resort, will be up in the market.

A magnificent floating pool is being created- management announces

  • 18 March, 2018

Management of Bolagala Floating Resort proudly announced that the work of the massive floating pool commenced a few months ago. The pool size will be 30x45 feet.

Phase two of Bolagala Floating Resort commences; Here’s what to expect

  • 21 February, 2018

Bolagala Floating Resort embarked on its second phase after 2 months since its inception. Mr. Kelum Perera, owner of the resort, stated that the architecture of the cabanas has been finalized and their work has commenced.

Bolagala Floating Resort comes into life

  • 12 January, 2018

On the auspicious day of December 12th Mr. Kelum Perera, the visionary behind the pioneering project- Bolagala Floating Resort- laid the first foundation stone at the site. The occasion was graced by his family members and business partners.

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