Frequently Asked Questions

Sri Lanka is a fast growing tourism destination not just in the region but across the globe. This project was approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Board and several other government bodies who have also pledged their support in its development. Bolagala Floating Resort is the best and the right place for you to invest.
We have identified that most Sri Lankans, especially those who are employed abroad, do not know the right place to invest their money in in order to get a good Return On Investment (ROI). This is why Bolagala Floating Resort is ideal for investors. They will be entitled for a guaranteed payment every month and their hard earned money that is invested in this project will be multiplied as the resort evolves.
The maximum interest you will receive from a bank for the amount you invest with Bolagala project will be around Rs. 50,000. However, if you invest with Bolagala Floating Resort you will get double the sum and at the same time the rate you are paid will be increased with the increase of the dollar rate. As the resort picks up business, the investors will be benefited even further.
This is a common issue that is plaguing everyone’s minds as most companies have misused the trust of Sri Lankan investors. To make sure that all investors are free from any doubt Bolagala Floating Resort has given full priority for them to take legal action through the agreement in case of a breach.
Negombo has always been a major tourist hub in the island. This is as a result of its breathtaking beach stretch and the close proximity to the Bandaranaike International Airport. Taking the growing statistics relating to tourism, Bolagala believes that the resort will attract travelers from across the world. In parallel to this, investors will get paid accordingly.
A recognized and reputed Sri Lankan audit company will conduct an audit annually. The reports from the audit company will be shared with all investors. Moreover, every three months five investors have access to any information and they can carry out a separate audit if they desire. These five investors can be chosen by all involved.
No, you can pay in installments. The down payment will be Rs. 4 million and the rest of the sum can be settled in six months with a minimal interest fee that is agreed upon. The initial payment of Rs. 4 million will be used for the manufacturing purposes of the cabanas.
All cabanas are structured in fiber glass. The interior is imported from Italy to maintain luxurious feel. The total maintenance of the cabanas will be handled by the Bolagala management for the agreed period of time. Investors will not be charged extra for the maintenance purposes of the cabanas.
No, not in the current property. In order to maintain a relaxed atmosphere Bolagala management has decided not to add more cabanas. However, as a second phase of this project a land closer to the property will be acquired to build a water sport park. This will be an added feature to the Bolagala Floating Resort.