40 floating cabanas will be up for sale starting from Rs. 7.5 million upwards.

10 cabanas that are equipped with GPS trackers will be on sale for Rs. 10 million upwards. These cabanas will be moving along an especially designed route on the lake.

The initial payment starts from Rs. 4 million and the rest can be settled within 6 months.

Once the purchase is complete there will be a grace period of six months till the first ROI payment is made.

Following the grace period for the next six months an ROI payment of Rs. 50,000 will be made monthly.

Afterwards, owners of the floating cabanas will be awarded with a guaranteed ROI payment of Rs. 100,000 monthly.

In addition to the guaranteed ROI payment owners will be given 50 per cent of cabanas’ net profit. The net profit is calculated from the total sales of all cabanas monthly, and this payment will also be paid once a year. However, the payment is applicable only if the monthly income exceeds the ROI payment of Rs. 100,000.

Agreement with the company and cabana owners will expire in twenty five years. The owner has the right to sell a cabana after 10 years of purchase, if it's agreed by both parties. Also the cabana owner had the full liberty to sell the owned cabana following two years from the purchased date through a company lawyer.

The buyer is entitled to a share of the purchased floating cabana.

The buyer will have ownership of all interior furniture and equipment of the floating cabana till his agreement expire.

The maintenance of the cabana will be bared by the company. Also the company will repair the cabana if it is damaged.

Company will ensure cabanas with an insurance company as decided by the management.

The buyer will receive an audit statement monthly, the audit will be conducted by a reputed company in Sri Lanka with the approval of majority buyers.

The buyer has the opportunity to monitor the resort through CCTV at all times.

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