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Bolagala Floating Resort comes into life

12 January, 2018

On the auspicious day of December 12th Mr. Kelum Perera, the visionary behind the pioneering project- Bolagala Floating Resort- laid the first foundation stone at the site. The occasion was graced by his family members and business partners.

Bolagala Floating Resort, located in Bolagala about 15 km from Negombo, is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Mr. Perera, who has a decade of experience in the local clay mining industry, first visualized this concept when he was mining in a land in Bolagala that was left for the same purpose by the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB).

Understanding the true potential of the area Mr. Perera proposed to transform the 13-acre land he was working on into not just an ordinary resort but a floating resort, a unique venture not explored by Sri Lanka before.

The resort will have a total of 50 floating cabanas, 10 of which will be equipped with GPS tracking devices allowing them to move freely across the lake.

He believes that the resort will not just attract visitors from across the globe but also elevate the living conditions of the local community in many ways.

Understanding the importance of such a project in the island the GSMB, Central Environment Authority and the Urban Development Authority have pledged their support to make it a success.