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A magnificent floating pool is being created- management announces

18 March, 2018

Management of Bolagala Floating Resort proudly announced that the work of the massive floating pool commenced a few months ago. The pool size will be 30x45 feet.

Thus far, 50 per cent of its work is completed and construction of the pool will conclude in the following six months, management stated.

The floating pool is a major feature at the Bolagala Floating Resort, which will have 50 floating cabanas. Ten of these cabanas will be floating freely on the lake through the aid of GPS trackers. These ten state of the art cabanas will include three suits.

The resort is built of a 13-acre land that will over-see a picturesque landscape not very far from the beach. The pool is constructed is a place that will absorb the best scene the area has to offer. A swim in the pool will sure to be relaxing and exciting at the same time.