T.M. Dilshan’s Investment

T.M. Dilshan’s Investment

18 September, 2018

It is with great pride that I invested in the Bolagala Floating Resort Project. When I got to know about this project, I was amazed and quite interested to see how these beautiful luxury cabanas float around in the lake with all facilities available inside. I have never seen a floating themed resort anywhere in Sri Lanka and therefore the professionalism and the theme of this project of course caught my attention to invest in this.

Not only was this project going to be the first ever floating themed resort in Sri Lanka, it was also going to give some huge benefits to many people and also my country as a whole. Mr. Kelum discussed with me one of the main reasons for this resort, which was restoration of used up mining fields which were cut down for clay and left to wither away, chasing away the nature and the wild life present in this area. The construction of this resort has already finished restoring the land back to its original natural state and therefore storing back the wild life which includes the bird life in Bolagala.

Bolagala Floating Resort also promotes agro-tourism. It has a hands on approach for tourists to see organic farming. This resort will make Negombo one of the main tourism hubs of Sri Lanka increasing the cash flow into our country, making it beneficial for all of us. I believe that tourism is an important factor affecting to the growth of a country, and it is due to this factor that I am mainly investing into this resort. It is no regular resort project you see and projects like these are the ones that hit it off quite well in the future and will give the townsfolk a boost to their standards of living. It will also create so many job opportunities to people in the area. This is why I believe in this project, and I will give my utmost contribution to the success and smooth flow of the Bolagala Floating Resort, as this resort is something that would benefit a majority than just a few handful.

Mr. T.M. Dilshan